Partner With Us

Thanks for checking out our blog and mission! If you’d like to partner with us, you can do so in several ways:

Our e-mail is: We send out a monthly newsletter to those that would like to stay updated with us, regarding what their partnership has done in Nepal and how they can be praying for us specifically. Just email us letting us know you’d like to be put on it! We can’t wait to tell you how God has used your money and answered your prayers in Pokhara, Nepal. We’d also love your feedback on how we could be praying for you, too! Feel free to email us at anytime for questions, comments, or to keep in touch. We’d love to hear from you! 🙂

Our monthly living in Nepal will cost us about one quarter of our funding goal. This includes housing, food, toiletries, wifi, electric, and other basic necessities. On top of this, your financial support will also go towards emergency funds and savings that will allow us to fly home and see our families from time to time.

We are going to be teaching the girls some skills in art. Painting, drawing, pottery, etc. We will need the finances to continue buying the supplies needed. This time will be directed towards showing them a way to rest and find peace in the Lord. It offers the ladies a chance at learning a new hobby they may come to really love in addition to their knitting jobs!

As we house teams travelling through Pokhara we will be welcoming them in with essentials they will need during their stay in the guest home as a gift.This means giving them hats, gloves, hand sanitizer, soap, etc. to make their stay as welcoming as possible as they complete their goals while in Nepal.

You will also be giving towards additional visions Sydney and I have in addition to running the guest houses, discipleship homes, and training centre. When finances allow, God has laid building an orphanage heavy on our hearts for the parentless children. We are anticipating the end of the orphan spirit many children carry in Pokhara.

You can be a part of these provisions!  While we’re praying that God would provide for us additional monthly partners, any donation is greatly appreciated!

Both one time or monthly donation options can be easily found by heading to where you will receive a tax-deductible receipt and year-end receipt (for Americans only- NOT available in Canada). Thank you!

If you’d prefer to donate directly to us without a receipt, you can use the DonorBox Donate button below!